Enter The Legend Music Presents... The First Artifact. 

June 1st, 2017: Enter The Legend Music has released it's second compilation in 16 years. This time, the compilation is part of Knoxville, TN Hip-Hop History. 19 tracks recovered from the almost lost Life Source vault. Life Source is best known for producing the sought after Shafiyq "Da Big Apple 2 Da Big Orange" CD, Dirtbag "My Life, My Music, My Dawgs" EP, and also engineered N.U.T.S. "Shady Like Me" CD. All music were recovered from original ADATs, DATS, mini-discs, and CDs; recorded between 1994 - 2002. Retail Ready Replication and Very Limited quantity.

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Video Spotlight: Billside "Can't Stop Me"


Video Spotlight: 9Ether & Juansay - "R.I.P."



Video Spotlight: Blu Chez feat. PayDa & Raymond B. - "Knoxville"